The hiring of the contracted space for the period of assembly, exhibition and dismantling, as well as the electrical connection, lighting and audio in general, the floor of the circulation areas in moquette, the invitations to the opening ceremony, the credentials for exhibitors and professional invitations.

The services also include the security and cleaning of the common areas and the emergency medical service, if needed.

Your brand also participates in the official catalog of the event.

The exhibitors can contract spaces both in the roofed pavilions and in the open spaces, as well as the activities of the rooms and the active areas, among others.

They have side and rear panels, a valance and a spot light every 3m2 of stand, as well as a schuko socket 2.2 KW.

There are two spaces with different capacities and characteristics, such as scenario and environment to give lectures and conferences. And there is a multifunctional space capable of hosting various instances in order to enhance your business experience and connection in the event.

In this 10th edition a space is added for your informal meetings within the best business and networking environment.

The organization puts into practice a complete multimedia strategy to convene the public from weeks before the same, through traditional channels such as the press, radio and television, as well as the development of communication in their own channels (web and social networks). ) and the execution of a properly segmented digital campaign.

In this way the public knows the exhibitors that will be present and the different opportunities that can be found in the event, as well as the activities that can participate and other features of the proposal of this 10th edition.