It has been a very good experience, especially since we received a large audience with interest in the system. And for this positive experience is that we hope to return in the next editions.
We have participated for more than 10 years in the Construction Fair because it is a very representative event of the sector.
We are here to show a revolutionary product for modern construction and confirm the works we have done in recent years. In a few days we reach all the builders and we can show them in real time how our product is used.
We participate in the Fair since the first edition, since it is an event that edition by edition has been surpassed. There is more innovation, more customers, and more interested public, which is more specific that comes to look at the things that the Fair gives them. Since the preparation of the Fair we work to make it look good and we look forward to this opportunity every two years to present new products.
For us it is a pleasure to have participated since the beginning in this Fair because we are in direct contact with users, customers, technicians and professionals. The fact of demonstrating the machinery in the active area has been very important, because there are machines and innovations that need to be seen.
We are delighted to participate as more people come every year and here we find many potential clients, as well as accompany those who are already our clients and participate in this event.
We have participated since the beginning of the Construction Fair because it is a milestone in the field and it brings us diffusion, image and the possibility of communicating with the public that comes from the interior.
The last one was the third edition in which we participated in the Fair, since it is very important to present new products and the technology that is being used in the sector. We try to improve our proposal in each new opportunity and offer new features.
Accompanying each edition is a way to reach the market, professionals, and investors, and show products that are manufactured with Uruguayan labor. In the 8th and 9th edition we also participate with conferences for architects and professionals to advise them not only on the novelties but on the benefits of these products in the face of the climatic realities of our country.